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And so it begins...

I'm the kind of person who isn't really happy without some kind of project to do. I'm also the kind of person who gets pretty obsessed with whatever happens to be making me happy at the moment.

Right now, Bon Jovi is my obsession, thus Bon Jovi Song of the Day is my project. Every day (ideally, although I'm sure there will be days where I just can't do it), I will pick a Bon Jovi song (or a Jon Bon Jovi solo song, or a David Bryan solo song, or a Richie Sambora song, or Bon Jovi covering another song...you get the idea) and write about it.

I'll talk a little about the song objectively, a little subjectively, whatever. Some of them will come with the inescapable rant or ramble, of course. And if I'm so inclined (i.e. my friends are sick of me talking about Bon Jovi but I still have more to babble about), there will probably be some entries in here that aren't specific song-related, they're just kind of there.

A couple quick clarifications:
- the "artist" line in the initial song info may seem unneccessary at first, but I will be writing about solo works of band members so it'll make sense once I get to Jon and Richie and Dave's stuff
- the "era" line is there because in my mind Bon Jovi has several distinct periods sound-wise, so categorizing a song into a time period will give a better idea of the kind of song it is if you haven't heard it yet (the eras are: early '80s "synth rock", mid '80s "hair metal", '90s "moody ballad rock", early '00s "hard pop", and current "power pop rock"). Songs from the box set are given an era based on any info I have about when it was written or, failing something that easy, what sound category they fit best
- "my rating" isn't necessarily how I feel about the song, it also takes into account the impact on the body of work, how other people feel, and probably some other stuff

And so begins the Bon Jovi Song of the Day project, courtesy of an obsessive fan with way too much time on her hands.

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