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#2 - I Wish Every Day Could be Like Christmas

Artist: Bon Jovi
Album: A Very Special Christmas
Other Versions: None
Era: Christmas

Day one of the Song of the Day countdown to Christmas (or to the first day of Chanukah if you're Jewish like everyone's favorite permed keyboardist). Recorded for the first Very Special Christmas album in 1990, it is to my knowledge the only original Bon Jovi Christmas song.

This is a nice song, with a nice message, nice music....just plain "nice", I guess. Jon's got his low, "see I am not a high-pitched hair metal singer, just listen how low I can get" voice that I like. There's some strong female backing vocals, and I always like opposite sex backing for some reason. It just makes a nice effect (plus I can pretend it's Tico singing like a girl or something). There's that "nice" again.

I like the pace of this song, it's got some very traditional Christmas song-esque drumming but kicked up a little bit. And the bells are nice (I need a new word). They add this whole sweeping epic quality that matches Jon's low voice really well - that voice is just MADE to slam you with emotion, and it does so very well with the backing of the drums and bells.

It's a good, mellow, emotional Christmas song, which is really all I can ask from a Bon Jovi Christmas song (except that high-pitched voice, I love that voice)

My Rating: 8.5/10

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