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#1 - Livin' on a Prayer

Artist: Bon Jovi
Slippery When Wet, Crossroad, One Wild Night (live), This Left Feels Right (acoustic remix f/ Olivia D'Abo), 100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong (hidden bonus track)
Other Versions: Live w/ Jennifer Nettles (CMT Crossroads performance), Unplugged (VMA 1989 performance)
Era: Late '80s, the "hair metal" period

Lyrics (TLFR)

The "big one" - first number one single, recognized almost universally, the song that has become synonymous with Bon Jovi.

With good reason - LOAP and BJ have a lot in common. They have a multigenerational appeal - young and old alike know and love this song. College students blast it at their frat parties, junior high kids hear it at their dances, 45-year-old women crank it up in their cars and remember that time in '89 they flashed a roadie to get backstage.

Prayer set the theme for almost every Bon Jovi song since then - that "never give up" chips-are-down optimism that shows up practically everywhere in their lyrics. It shows up all over the place on their albums - "Lie to Me" from These Days is about Tommy and Gina, the characters were mentioned in the 2000 hit "It's My Life", and the titular phrase shows up on Have A Nice Day in the song "Novocaine". Livin' on a Prayer made Bon Jovi big, and they use it whenever possible to help keep them big (I don't necessarily mean that in a bad way).

And I don't like it.

Well, that's not true. I like the song fine - it's probably in my top 25 "sing at the top of my lungs with my fist in the air" songs, and the acoustic versions are gorgeous. What I don't like is how the song has gotten so big it has dwarfed a lot of Bon Jovi's better work.

Livin' on a Prayer is not Bon Jovi's best song, in my opinion. Hell, if it had been me on the infamous Pizza Jury, I probably would have gone with Jon's instinct and kept it off Slippery. It's not their best hit, it's just plain not top-tier work. They can be so much more interesting musically, so much deeper lyrically. But no one cares because, heck, it's a fun song.

I live in a dorm, and the wall above my bed is covered (literally) with Bon Jovi pictures. When people come in and see that, they immediately ask for LOAP. Not You Give Love A Bad Name, not Wanted, not It's My Life, it's ALWAYS Prayer. That's a big reason I'm so bitter about this song, I think - I get sick of it fast.

But it's fun and it's catchy, an ideal karaoke song, an ideal frat party song, an ideal "relive the 80s" song, and it's the definitive Bon Jovi song, so I can't be too angry at it.

My Rating: 8/10

Edited 3/25/06: Fixed the "Last Cigarette"/"Novocaine" mix-up, added lyrics and video


Paul said...

Livin' On a Prayer is an absolute all-time singalong classic but I agree that it is certainly not their best work and I do tire of it quickly.

Just thought I'd say I'm enjoying your Bon Jovi posts having stumbled across your Blog by fluke.

Keep it Up!

From another obsessed Bon Jovi Fan
(Manchester, England, UK)

Matt said...


Few more thoughts:

1) I think Bad Name went to 1 first. Well. I know it was the first single released.

2) Tommy and Gina are brought back in 99 in the shade as well.

3) It's refrenced in Novocaine, Not Last Cigarette.

AND THAT IS ALL. But I totally agree with you.

Shooting Star said...

Well, I thought since I'm bored I'd go back and comment on all these...all the ones I have something to say about anyway. Hey, do you get like a message saying somebody's commented? Ah well, anyway, I agree with most of what you said here. When I first heard this song, I instantly loved it, and for about a month it was my all time favourite song. I don't think it's their best song, but it's definitely up there, though I do tire of it pretty quickly too. It's one of those songs that, if it comes on my MP3 player most of the time I'll skip it, but if it comes on the radio while we're driving down the motorway or something, I blast it as loud as it will go. I actually have this problem with pretty much all of the really big hits, I overplay them and get sick of them.